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Michael C Anthony, Body Language Exxpert and Author has a fascinating insight into Martin Luther King's historic speech.  He says Yesterday was MLK day.  A day in which we remember the life of a great man that fought for racial freedom and the unity of all Americans.

mlkMartin Luther King (1929-1968) was known not only as a fighter of injustice and peace but as one of the greatest orators of our time. His eloquence and sincerity was apparent to all that listened.

As we all know, our words are really only a small percentage of our total communication. 7% in fact. Our voice tone, volume and pitch make up for 38% and our body language… a whopping 55%

Our body language helps sell any idea, service or product. Strong body language conveys a strong message. Weak body language will destroy our message.

Let’s have a look at Martin Luther Kings famous “I Have A Dream” speech below. Although the camera doesn’t show a lot of Kings body because of the tightly cropped camera, we see enough to understand and become infected by his passion, dedication and intesity. 

I HAVE A DREAM – Martin Luther King

Let’s examine his chin:

MLK’s chin is held high throughout his entire communication. Remember when our parents and teachers told us to keep our chin up and chest out? This conveys and communicates that one is steadfast and secure behind his/her ideas. Looking downward would show a lack of certainty.

Let’s examine his head:

Thoughout much of this incredible speech MLK shook his head back and forth in a “no” fashion. Was this because he didn’t believe his own ideas? Absolutely not. This is a head shake of injustice and determination. His quest for change is supported with a subtle righteous anger that must be heard. Watch it again and ask yourself if you feel like this is a passive man or a man on a mission. Surely you will answer the latter.


The rest of his body?

Although the camera doesn’t catch a lot, we are sure he’s not walking (as he needed the microphones) We can see his posture is excellent, and we see a few times, especially at 4:50 and again at the very end when he raises his arms. He is taking up space. His open posture shows truth, assertiveness and expertise.

Martin Luther King got his point across like very few can. Yes, he had a firm grasp on language and was a great presenter but his body language gave everything he said even more power and authenticity.


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