Who We Are

S O S is an innovative, unique leading consultancy service which incorporates a FREE speaker search service. Yes that's right it's FREE!

S O S was founded in 2004 by Ollie Oladele. Since then we have successfully worked across a range of events in the UK and abroad. Please see our customers page for details of our work.

S O S can find the right speaker for your event and is a booking service for the most respected professional public speakers. We feature and can approach a number of exceptional speakers for you; they include business speakers, FTSE CEO's, authors, celebrities, motivational speakers, after dinner and keynote address speakers. Some of the speakers have exceptional business, sales and/or training background's, some are also leading management thinkers.

A lot of our work of is about providing speakers who can provide a practical framework for business improvement in delegates once they have returned from a conference and are back in the field.

Other customer requirements are about providing high profile names to promote interest and attendance at an event.

Others are about finding an expert to educate or provide insights into the future.

Or requirements can be as simple as finding someone to entertain at an event or to celebrate the conclusion of a year’s hard work.

Types of functions requirements covered include, motivational, business speaking, sales conferences, facilitators and hosts, black tie and after dinner speaking, keynote addresses, conference moderators, workshops, annual conferences, tv, radio, voiceover work and other media production work.

Industry sectors covered include, finance, pharmaceutical, media, government, retail, general commercial, associations and other representative organisations and bodies.

To get the best use from S O S services, we recommend that you take a look at the link What We Do.

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