What We Do

If you or your colleagues, are looking for speakers, personalities or people for events that you are organising, then if you can provide us with specific details of your requirement's, the event, type of person needed, messages you want to give the audience, your budgets etc then we should be able to provide you with the biographies and testimonials of at least two speakers who meet your criteria.

We can approach celebrities or sporting personalities for you. You may be interested in a funny after dinner speaker or comedian. You could be interested in someone specific or someone with specialist business skills? You might not know who you need and may want to hear some suggestions?

We have a network of speakers, agents, publishers and pr organisations that we can network your requirements to and get back to you with the results. We are also in the middle of a major website update.

Our new website with keyword search is aimed at helping our clients to more easily find speakers and specialists. E.g. by typing in words like sustainability and food, speaker suggestions and details for people like "Urban Chef", Oliver Rowe will be produced.

We will have downloadable image and sound clips by the end of the year. And our commitment is to provide our clients with all supporting information required to book a speaker e.g. full speaker profiles and images for publication with the speakers permission.

We are a FREE resource so there is nothing to lose by trying us on a live opportunity when you have one.

We have a track record of success  and the commitment to our clients is that if we don't feature the speaker you are looking for then we will find them or their representatives and make an approach on your behalf if needed.

Our further commitment is that if a particular speaker category or speaker is not featured then they will be by the time of your next visit to the web site. We want the site to grow in relation to your needs and service your requirements.


We make our arrangements to be paid by the speakers so you the client are provided with one bill covered by a comprehensive speaker's contract. Please see our terms and conditions for details.

We exist to help you and to save your time, so please feel free to give us a try if a requirement comes up. I hope the information is useful. And,

I hope we can help to make a difference for you at some stage in the future.

Ollie Oladele

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