Key Facts
Born 1966 ? .. Brain and emotional intelligence wise, the right side of 40 although I could run a lot faster at 30.
Degree BSc Applied Chemistry .. Now I'm more social.
Career Software Sales for over 10 years to include software development tools, software distribution, Microsoft software and two years in IBM's software business. The last four years have been spent working with speakers and events
Ollie considers IBM
the best sales training in the world - After being given a list of the best restaurants in Brussels and being told there was no time to visit any of them, a residential 6 day training course followed - from 8 till 8 with homework and an exam to pass at the end of the week!
Day 1
Let's forget about the technology and think about the reasons why people buy products and services". The key lesson was/is to listen to your customers and try to give them what they want!
We like to listen at S O S
We know we won't get paid unless you get what you want - so you'll always have our (my) full attention!
After a couple of roles in new technology startups, Ollie's focus since 2004 has been about applying his skills and expertise to providing speakers for client events. Please see our customer list for further details.
Passions Olivia and Felix - the kids
He feels alive when running - when there is time. Ollie was a Surrey county 400 metre hurdles finalist and is a Surrey county silver medalist in the 4 x 400m relay. "He remembers it as if it were yesterday even though it was over 10 years ago!" Having now achieved veteran sorry "master" status, he completed a 3 mile cross country and various 400M and 200M races last year although he was sadly tripped in the school parent's race. He will be racing on the track again this year and it is his last chance for victory in the parent's race as Olivia is off to secondary school this year.
Further passions include his alto saxophone. Olivia has skills with the piano and clarinet so music is a fun hobby to share and bond with her ahead of retiring somewhere hot to perfect his playing.
That's the S O S leader.
I'm sure you have stories too so if you feel you have interesting information then please make contact. We are always looking for feedback and interesting speaker industry items and requirements for our network and the website. We like to help if we can so don't hesitate to get in touch.

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